Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Facebook's CSI Miami Fan Group to Split Over Doctrinal Dispute --

PALO ALTO, CA-- Citing significant differences over how the hit CBS television series should be honored, show follower Marty Ludor left with 115,000 other Facebook members to start the Reformed CSI Miami Fan Page. The exodus of over 20% of the almost half a million fans struck a significant blow to the long established popular social networking fan group.

Ludor claimed that the schism was a result of members being pressured to buy show T-shirts and coffee mugs. It was also common for those critical of show star David Caruso to be permanently banned from the group.

"Nobody blasphemes Horatio Caine" proclaimed group administrator Leo Medici. "Good riddance to Marty. This jerk filled our wall with, like, 95 posts on everything we were doing wrong. This is a fan site, not your own moral sounding board,....heretic."

At the time of this article's release, the newly formed fan group had already split into 30 separate and embattled sects.

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